Saturday, 31 May 2014

May Wrap up

This past month was one of the best this year! So many lovely moments and memories.
I celebrated my very first Mother's Day, my boys took me hiking and for a picnic in Kanaskis Country.
 I also spent this month on a sugar detox cleanse, the Whole 30 program. I am proud to say that I successfully completed 30 days of no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, to grains, no alcohol, and no processed foods! I feel better than ever. I lost 9 lbs and lost 8.5 inches overall. I also gained more energy and a passion for clean eating. I plan on keeping this up from here on out, with a few changes to help fit my lifestyle. Of course I plan on treating myself here and there, and I am re-introducing oatmeals and cereals for breakfasts.
I have been planning Ray's first birthday and slowly getting supplies and what nots for the party. I am excited yet not at the same time.
We have been renovating our camper and a lot of summer trips and events are being planned whilst doing this. I plan on posting all the before and after photos of this reno, it's looking amazing so far!!

I'm so excited for June to come, I have big plans for you June... Look out!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Space: Balcony Inspiration

It's officially morning coffees and nightcaps on the porch season! I am fully taking advantage of that fact. I have been utilizing our little balcony to it's full potential, and this includes drinking tea out here on a rainy day... I am even writing this blog post out here on a breezy Saturday morning.
Since we are renters we don't have much of a yard, no backyard whatsoever, but we do have a nice long (but narrow) balcony that over looks a small front yard. Since our family is still small I don't mind the lack of yard just yet, however, baby is almost walking and we are thinking that next year we will definitely need more space. So with that being said I plan on making the most out of my balcony since this may be our last summer together.
With a little inspiration from good ol' Pinterest I have compiled a few images to help with the look I would like to achieve for our space. I love the relaxing vibes from all these inspiring spaces. Mine is  slowly but surely coming together; I have potted herbs, planted in the flower boxes, put out all my little garden knick knacks and even bought a brand new (easy on the barefeet) outdoor rug. All that's left is clear the clutter from the back corner and replace that with a BBQ.
Here are just a few photos of the space so far, I plan on posting the full balcony once it's finally finished and to my liking.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Craft: Garden Watering Can

Yesterday was Mother's Day. It was my first on the Mom side, and it was just perfect! But today's craft post is a gift that I gave my mama for Mother's Day.
My Mom's garden is so beautiful, she spends most weekends working on it and it is just filled with lovely plants and flowers. It is also filled with garden ornaments, trinkets, bird baths, solar lamps... pretty much anything you can think of. Some are beautiful, some... kinda... tacky... but hey it's her garden and she loves that stuff. So a go to gift I normally make her is something for her garden. Even for X-mas we made her a stepping stone with Ray's little handprints and Josh made her some gorgeous welded flowers made out of cutlery (she almost cried she loved those so much!)
So this Mother's Day I made her a cute little watering can pouring crystals, so that it looks like it's pouring a continuous stream of sparkly water.

Watering can
Clear beads, jewels, or crystals ( I had a few beads and some crystals from an old chandelier)
Fishing line
Tape ( I used duct tape, because I am lazy)
Garden stake with a hook end

So first of a strung 4-5 beads onto some line, with the droplet looking crystals at the bottom.

Then I fed the lines through the holes of the watering can and pulled them close to the can, I then taped them with duct tape on the inside of the spout.

*Note* I'm sure there is a prettier way to tie these in without using tape, and I urge you to try your own way of doing this. I just got a bit lazy, it still looked pretty on the outside and since the tape was in the spout it was unnoticeable

And that's it.

Hang in the garden. It is still early in the season, so once the garden fills out I will take another photo to post. It will look so pretty amongst flowers and greenery

Monday, 5 May 2014

10 Months!

I'm having a mini anxiety attack here, 2 more months and my sweet little bitty baby will be a one year old! I'm not ready, I think back to when he was 1 month old and all he did was eat and sleep and he was so so so small. He's getting so so so big! Sometimes I look at him standing up holding himself up on the patio door and he looks like a toddler, ahh!
Not much is new, he's standing himself up on anything and everything he can and he is cruising around trashing my house (luckily I baby proofed last month). He learned how to give "high-fives" and he thinks they are hilarious. He likes to stand up in the tub and pee... for some unknown reason... boys are weird. He likes to take his toys and put them on any low surface; the coffee table, bookshelves, the cat.
We love going for walks outside and exploring new parks, swings are still the favourite.
His favourite treat is graham crackers and he loves Sesame Street.
That's all that has been going on around here, 2 more photos left to do eek!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

May Condor

May brings the Condor into view - you're too enmeshed in this situation, so take a step back and see the bigger picture before making any decisions or taking actions. It advises to practise detachment, let go of control in situations, and to let go of any attachment to outcome.
A few key words to remember with the Condor:

These key words really spoke to me regarding my plan for May. I had decided to do a 30 day detox from sugars this month, so "detoxification" and "purification" stood out and showed me that I made the right decision to do this for May and that I am on the correct path for this month.
"Simplicity" and "Awareness" brings attention to the fact that I need to watch what I put in my body.
"Independence" and "solitude" may mean that it's best to keep to myself during this time, because it's going to be extremely hard not to fall back into my old ways and I need to focus on this challenge.

The Condor's most important meaning is "Re-Birth" so I am hoping to spend this month working on myself and by the end of the month re-emerge as a new healthier person with a new outlook on healthy living.