Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April Wrap up

Spring is a time where I feel a lot of productive energy, April gives such a fresh perspective. I find myself more motivated to set goals in spring rather than a new year, maybe it's because of all the new life of blooming flowers and greenery or because of the end to a long winter.
This past month started out with a lot of motivation and slow steady progress of creative goals. I worked on a lot of embroidery projects and planned a lot with Josh for our new collaboration.
 During the first week it was mine and Josh's birthdays. We had a great weekend together going on little outings around town and treating ourselves to our favourite things.
The last half of the month I may have slipped a bit on the creative projects, but spent time and energy in other areas. I started a 21 day meditation challenge and only have a few days left, this has helped center me. It has given me a new outlook on life's challenges and I am hoping it will help me to tackle them with ease.
I have also started practising the art of tarot card readings, only on myself and a few close friends, it has been helpful with providing tips and advice for problems and issues. I think I would like to continue this and be more fluent in tarot readings for the future.
I spent one weekend doing some much needed spring cleaning, washing curtains and bedding, vacuuming and dusting. My house feels fresh and ready to take on the summer months.
Ray and I spent a lot of time outside in nature; going for walks, exploring, and finding new fun parks to play in. We've really been enjoying the spring sunshine and have been dreaming of all the summertime fun to come.

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