Sunday, 2 March 2014

March Goose

The goose flies in to tell you to take time to rest and recuperate rather than continuing to strive. It is critical to your health and well being to take time for yourself.
A few suggestions from the goose are to sleep in, get a massage, take a bath or get out of town.
I couldn't have pulled this card at a better time, I need this!
After a bit more research into the goose I came across the saying "what's good for the goose,  is good for the gander". This couldn't be more true! I am interpreting this as - rest for mama is good for papa.
So this month I plan on taking it easy, no deadlines for project's and no making plans any further than a couple days in advance. I plan on using my phone and computer less and spending time outdoors.
The goose also wishes for us to pay attention to stories, myths and legends. So I will also spend this month with Mother Goose by reading lots of childrens books to my little gosling.

I won't worry and patiently wait for spring, happy March!

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