Wednesday, 8 January 2014


The start of a new year always makes me want to start fresh and be my best self. This year, for some reason, this feeling is stronger than ever. Maybe it's because my life is exactly where I want it to be in this moment. I feel completely happy and this coming year looks unbelievably bright.

I have decided on key words to live by for this year.
 Explore. Thrive. Create. Flourish

Every year, like everyone else, I set goals. There are always the ongoing goals: getting in shape, eat clean and being healthy yada yada yada. I, of course, will try my best with this. But this year I am trying something new with specific creative things I would like to accomplish.

1. Start Art Journaling- Starting with a baby book for Ray
     My mom made one for me, I just love looking back and reading about the milestones and how I was as a baby. Although I do take the monthly baby photos I would like something to record all the little things as well.

2. Get that screen printer up and running - make some sweet t-shirt prints
         I received this as a gift LAST Christmas and because of lack of space and the whole being busy with pregnancy and having a baby, it went right into the closet. I will bring this out and make awesome things.

3. Renovate our Camper Van
        Josh started this project in the fall with the interior demo - and this Spring we plan to get it looking fresh so we can take some summer road trips and get some camping in.

These are my main projects, I have other small projects I would like to do as well but these are the big three.

I expect good things out of 2014.

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